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Zankel Building 2nd Floor, Main Hallway

A_HA Unleashing_site 3_2018_05_1.jpg
A_HA Unleashing_site 3_2018_02_1.jpg

Fanny Allie

Woman-Mass, 2018

Sewn trash bags on canvas

72 x 78 inches

Man-Shield, 2018

Sewn trash bags on canvas

72 x 88  inches

These two works, made especially for Unleashing, are part of The Carriers, a series of sewn plasticized urban silhouettes of people. The figures were photographed on the street by Allié or were inspired by found images that Allié manipulates or re-enacts. The bodies of the figures merge with their surrounding and with the objects  they carry, bordering on abstraction. Allié transforms these urban characters that are a part of our daily life into new entities weighed down by their load, but who also bear possible new narratives.

A_HA Unleashing_site 3_2018_01_1.jpg
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