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Grace Dodge Hall 2nd Floor, Stairwell Landing

Greg Climer

Knitted Film, 2018

Cotton knitting

62 Pounds

16 second video loop of an excerpt

This work was created by knitting each frame of an animation, which is shown in tandem alongside the film strip on view at site #21 in Teachers College basement. Digital technology has replaced celluloid as our primary medium for storing cinematic images, but the pixel on the XY axis has been used to make images long before the invention of the computer. We simply called it a stitch. Knitting has always been able to create images using the same XY axis as digital images. Fair Isle Knits are one of the more widely known examples. This work explores the overlap between the two mediums by knitting a film, one frame at a time. Through the work, Climer celebrates our technology’s new capabilities and questions the tangible aspects of film. Is the medium of the film equal to the content? Textile based imagery is older than celluloid yet this project could not exist without digital technology, moving film beyond celluloid. The merging of the oldest crafts and the newest technologies helps us imagine new crafts from our old technologies.


Sresha Rit Premnath & Avi Alpert

Unleashing: An addendum to the dictionary of the possible, 2018

Print on paper

8.5 inches x 11 inches

This is an addendum to the dictionary of the possible, a text based on a series of public discussions held over two years, each concentrated on unraveling a keyword—a term that carries with it both a sense of urgency and agency in our present climate. Rather than providing static definitions, we envision a dictionary that continually incites discussion. For "unleashing," Premnath and Alpert have created a shared Google Doc in which the public can join the conversation about (un)defining this term. Please go to the URL listed to join the conversation. Feel free to take a tab as a reminder.

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